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Insights from the COLLABAT Webinar Series

The recordings of the min

Official HELIOS Project Video Released
Check out the contribution of HELIOS to sustainable mobility.
HELIOS Hybrid Battery Concept: thinking out-of-the-cell!
New research by the HELIOS team published in the Journal of Energy Storage puts forward a new scalable hybrid battery concept. Find out how two battery chemistries can be mixed at pack level achieving milestones in fast charging and lifetime.
Sustainable batteries: an ongoing challenge to circular thinking

The recycling of batteries is an ongoing challenge worth our active engagement.

Battery thermal management to overcome range anxiety

Why are consumers still sceptical about electric vehicles?

Digital twins are just the right battery technology at the right time

Have you ever thought that batteries might need to be tamed?

Batteries: Long History, Powerful Future

We tend to think of batteries as a common everyday item.


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