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EVs Meet Battery_Helios


Our team was honored to participate in the BATTERY 2030+ European large-scale research initiative, dedicated to revolutionizing battery technology innovation.

The 4th Annual Conference, held physically in Grenoble on May 28-29th, provided a valuable platform for networking with key stakeholders in battery research. It fostered engaging discussions aimed at driving green innovation in this crucial field.

Highlights from the Event:

Our colleague Diana Arellanos, representing AALTO University, alongside with Tomas Jezdinsky from International Copper Association Europe, presented an insightful poster at the conference supporting the HELIOS project' dissemination. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the HELIOS PROJECT!

This blog post encapsulates our participation in the BATTERY 2030+ Conference, underscoring our commitment to advancing green innovation in battery technology. 

See the full programme of the Conference: 

Diana_HELIOSProject Poster HELIOS


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