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  • Plug into the pathway to
    sustainable urban mobility
    Towards a new generation of battery packs for greener transportation

Breaking the barriers on eco-friendly transportation

Electric drive systems are appealing options to the future or transport in urban settings. They promise close-to-zero emissions, increased efficiency, enhanced performance and quiet operation, combined with reduced fuel consumption and potentially lower maintenance costs.

Despite consistent investment from the private sector, no electric drive options for urban transit have overcome the barriers to become commercially viable and truly competitive compared to conventional fuel vehicles in terms of performance and cost.

With funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, the HELIOS project integrates innovative circular designs, materials and technologies in the field of Li-ion batteries to improve the charging capabilities, overall performance and cost-effectiveness of electric battery packs used in a variety of electric vehicles.

Are you interested in collaborating?

The HELIOS project is keen on new collaborations with partners from other EU-funded projects and platforms, both to exchange on technological aspects as well as to organise joint activities, such events, information sessions or other initiatives that can build on project results.

Let’s explore our potential synergies for a greener future!

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We welcome any inquiry on HELIOS' innovative and versatile battery packs from the general public, the press, industry and academia. Should you be interested in knowing more about the project and if you think HELIOS might bring benefit to your work and research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are looking forward to exploring with you the relevance of our investigative and applied efforts as well as to co-creating new opportunities for you and the sector you operate in.


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