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9h - 11h CET

COLLABAT Webinar| LCA of EVs Battery Industry

The Priceless Value of LCA in the Circular Economy and its Influence in the Battery Industry

This webinar highlights the role of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainability in driving innovation in the battery and electric vehicle industry. Experts will discuss how adopting circular economy principles and sustainable design can lead to a more circular transition to electromobility. 

The webinar will cover the environmental impacts of battery and vehicle production, usage, and end-of-life, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices from the start. Opportunities to minimize these impacts through material selection, eco-design at all stages, recyclable battery design, and second-life applications will be explored. The webinar will also address the waste-to-resource aspect and the role of circularity in life cycle assessment, supporting European battery waste regulations. Participants will gain insights into fostering sustainability across the battery value chain and applying life cycle assessment in their organizations.

5 Dec


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